Licensing Options

There are licensing options for the SyncLights Player software. The underlying software is virtually identical. The licensing restrictions regarding specific applications are the primary difference. The standard edition can be downloaded at no cost for private non-commerical use or evaluation purposes from this site.

Standard License Professional License Commercial License
Allowed Use Private Use for Non-Commercial Applications Public Use for Non-Commercial Applications Either Commercial or Non-Commercial Applications
Trial Length Never Expires Never Expires Never Expires
Cost Free $50 (USD) Contact Developer
Continuous Operation Automatic scheduling is limited to two 1 hour windows. No limitations. No limitations.
Remote Control Software Not Included Available Available

For a complete overview of licensing, please refer to the Licensing chapter of the SyncLights Player manual.

Licensing Terms and Evaluations

If you are only going to use the software for private non-commercial purposes, you can download it for free and use it indefinitely. You can purchase an upgraded license at a later time if your needs change.

Private use is defined as use by an individual for private viewing limited to close friends and family. If the display or application is accessible or viewable by the general public in any way (even if located on private property), it does not qualify as being private under the SyncLights Player licensing agreement.

The standard edition of the software can also be downloaded and temporarily used for evaluation purposes in public or commercial settings to ascertain its suitability. This is only permitted for direct evaluation purposes. Any public use or use associated with direct commercial gain is limited to no more than 10 days for evaluation. Commercial evaluation is permitted for up to 90 days provided that it is not used publicly or to generate profit beyond the stated 10 day limit. Private non-commercial use is indefinitely covered by the standard license.

Commercial licensing fees are based upon its actual usage. Contact the developer with your intended application for more information. Please specify whether or not admission or other fees will be charged in association with use of the software.

Customization or other licensing arrangements are also available. Please contact the developer for more information.

Other restrictions apply, see the Licensing chapter of the SyncLights Player manual for further details.