Suggestions to help improve the software are always welcome. You can contact the developer with your ideas. All suggestions are added to a list of enhancements which are reviewed before the next release.

The software is also designed to support multiple hardware interfaces. If you are working with a hardware interface that is not already supported, you can contact the developer to request support. You will need to share specific details of the communication protocol used to control the hardware. Common interfaces will be added as time permits at no cost. Individuals in need of unique protocols or timely additions may be asked to financially contribute to the development effort.

Software Customization

If you have specific needs that exceed the current capabilities of SyncLights Player or may require a development partnership, you can also contact the developer. Suggestions are always welcome and will be considered. If you have more specific or urgent needs though, you can request personal software customization. Development expenses may apply are based upon the nature of the required changes and other details. For more information, please contact the developer.


Similarly, if you have encountered any difficulties with the software, please report these as well. If possible, include information about how to recreate the problem you have encountered.