SyncLights Player is a powerful software application capable of planning, simulating, and controlling hardware. It is suitable for a variety of applications, but is particularly customized for holiday lighting displays. It even includes support for synchronizing displays to music.

The software can be used to visually layout a display of control channels. In holiday displays, each channel can correspond to a separate lighted decoration. Once the display is defined, the software allows you to program custom sequences to individually control separate channels. These sequences are associated with a unique multimedia file. This allows you to synchronize your holiday display to lights.

There is also full support for simulation. You can simulate programmed sequences visually within the software with music to verify results. Once complete, the sequences can be executed to directly control hardware using a standard interface. Execution can even be scheduled to occur automatically at certain times with defined playlists. Remote control software even makes it possible to test channels remotely from the field during initial deployment.

You can download the SyncLights Player software from this site for free. The download includes the standard license. It is valid for non-commercial use in a private settings and comes at no cost. The standard edition can also be downloaded and used for evaluation. Additional licensing options are also available. See the Userís Manual or the licensing link above for more information.